Trek Domane+ HP

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Yes, the Domane+ HP would be tempting except that I doubt it will be offered in Canada. It obviously is available in the US, and I suppose I could drive down buy one and bring it back. But then I'm paying double tax that way and it makes the bike a lot more expensive.

So it will probably still be the Specialized, but it's a few months away so we'll see ………...……….


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38lbs. is impressive but still 20lbs. heavier than a push bike of the same cost. I understand the race to the lightest weight that the bike industry, driven by customer demand and expectations, participates in but my experience is that once you start adding an electric system to a bikes design the difference between an additional 20lbs. and 25lbs. is minor. The increase in weight in a comparative build is just more watts/nm/wh's that can easily negate the extra weight. At least as long as the motor assist is available.

The biggest advantage a bike like this Trek has is that it does have the possibility of being ridden somewhat efficiently in the event you are going for max distance and only using the power sparingly for hills and headwinds or the ability to not get too much of a work out after the battery goes off because you just spent the last hour going full blast in one direction and are now 28 miles from home.

No doubt it is a beautiful machine and a different concept of the drop bar bikes I ride and I just happened to think that I have a contact at a Spec store in town that would probably let me demo a Creo. I'll have to do that next time I go.


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BH CREO is another great one !

I feel sorry for all this people who have the fazua / emotion system bikes .
- i said it from day one- inferior amd low power.

With this 28mph/ 500wh or higher eroadbikes :

Trek +HP, a Creo , A BH Core, Bulls Hawk , who in their right mind would want to spend SAME amount of money or more !! For a 18-19mph cut off motor ???

Sell them while you still can !
- even at 50%, is better then almost zero later on.
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Ravi Kempaiah

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Attention to details is just amazing!
From the seat stay design to vibration dampeners.
Really great design and must be a delight to ride for a seasoned rider...




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why is it 10lbs heavier then the Oreo ? i mean Creo
- xtra battery wh maybe 1-2lbs, heavier motor 1-2lbs , and the other 6-7lbs of fat are from where ??

Or maybe Creo was weighted in size S with all carbon components and Trek was weighted in size L with the regular aluminum ?

For same price Is too heavy compared to Creo .
38lb vs 28.9lb