Trek T80+ and Bike Commuting Overall


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Looking to get back into commuting by bike, but MANY obstacles in my way (hills, etc), and due to injuries, I have been out of "practice," so to speak.

I bought one of these after test-riding a couple of other models. Issues I found with the other ones were an EXTREME lack of ability to maintain spares (batteries, mainly), and lack of sufficient support from the shops near me. Trek's local shop sold me on their ability to supply the needed parts, knowledge of the system, and one other thing that was a major factor: price.

Since this went on "clearance," I decided to take a sensible plunge at $1500, as opposed to the original asking price of $2300 or so. I am on a budget, after all.

I've been on several rides to get to know it, and I am happy with its performance. It suits my needs. However, the one issue that plagues me is the WEIGHT of the motor on the rear hub.

I am not light (230lbs/105kg) and the motor must weigh close to 30 pounds. Add in my panniers with the day's supplies for work (lunch, water, clothes), PLUS lock and spares (tube and tools), and nearly all of the weight is on the rear tire.

The options for mounting a rack on the front are there, but most racks need to be potentially modified from what I have seen EXCEPT for the Thule Pack and Pedal, which seems very flexible. With the suspension on the front, the options are a tad limited, and I knew this going in.

If anyone would like to enlighten me on their experiences with the Thule rack, T80+, front rack mountings, or any other advice, I am open.

THanks in advance for your information.