Trekking 4.0 Firmware / software update necessary?


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New to the forum and have a question about Haibikes. Looking at a Trekking 4.0 Model (2018 or 2019 I believe). It’s the exact same one that has been reviewed on the site, review was quite helpful.

I also found the thread on the forum about Over50s Haibike experiences. Seem to be good overall, lots of discussion about all the panier bags and the fitting of the rack.

So I think I found a decent deal (Im in Montreal, Canada BTW) for about 2400$ CDN Taxes included (15% up in these parts). 400 WH Battery and the Yamaha PW System 500w, and the regular bells and whistles offered on the bike (fenders, panier rack…etc)

The retailer is a kinda big box sports retailer – not a Bike specialty store, so Im not sure how well equipped they are to deal with Ebikes – Im not worried with regards to regular bike maintenance / service from the store, more about Firmware/software updates.

So here’s my question – Will I need a firmware/software update for this bike? And If there isn’t much of a dealer presence here in Montreal, how can I get it updated if need be. Do we really need the firmware updates?

I really liked the 2019 Giant Quick E +, and read about it as well. Some uses seem to suggest that firmware/software updates are required and they direct you to Giant store for service. Wondering if the updates are as pertinent for Yamaha motors and Haibikes.

Those 2019 Quick E+ in large seem to be sold out, and the 2020 versions a bit too pricey for me at this point in time. (lemme know if you know of one for sale…J)

Any ideas on this? Thought on the Haibike Trekking 4.0 in general?

Thanks for your help



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Hi again,

So I think I’ve answered my own question. Ive been reading little more on these bikes and motors and figured out a few more things.

Giant has developed their own software for their bikes, and often push through firmware updates for the apps and what not. Their interface is pretty neat, and you can personalize some aspects of it via their app.

Other manufacturers use the Bosch / Yamaha software and motor. I guess their software is more stable, or they haven’t bothered updating it. Kinda make sense vs the Giant one. As Giants adding new features to their display, it would require updates, where as the Yamaha seems more stable (ie they haven’t changed /updated anything that I can find)

And I haven’t really read anything about Yamaha software updates so it must not be an issue (fingers crossed).

The bike Im looking at is a Haibike 2018 model (Trekking 4.0). They go it for 30% off. Im gonna try to negotiate a bigger discount as its two years old. Thoughts on the discount I should ask for (its @ 30% off, looking for 50%) Am I being too greedy?

Still on the fence as to whether I need the bike. Im thinking the bike will make me lazier as I wont be exerting as much effort….but you still have to pedal though right J, cant be that easy!