Trip Odometer Resetting Itself on 2014 Dash?


Have some of you ever wondered why your trip odometer zeros-out after the display times-out and after having also pressed the battery button in order to turn your bike back on? Well, your bike was never “off.” It went into what is called “sleep mode.” It does this after five minutes of no use (see Owner’s Manual, p. 45). The Owner’s Manual also says to “simply cycle the bike off then on again to re-activate the battery.” I took this to mean pressing and holding down the battery button in order to do this. But instead of pressing the battery button (which can inadvertently reset your trip odometer to zero-out if pressed for too long) just tap the power button on your Control Pad and the bike surprisingly wakes up out of sleep. After about five hours of no use the bike will power down and the trip odometer will also reset itself to zero; and it will also do this if the battery button is pressed for too long or the battery is removed from the bike.

I also found out that if I turn off the power from the Control Pad, by pressing the power button twice in succession, that this also does not reset the trip odometer (at least on my bike it doesn’t); this occurs only when the battery button is either held down too long or the battery is removed entirely from the bike. I found most of this out after having emailed a Currie Tech about my trip odometer zeroing out after having pressed the battery button in order to turn my bike back on when it went into sleep mode. Regardless of all this though, the trip odometer should still not even reset itself to zero after doing a hard power down or after removing the battery. Do our cars? The Currie techs are now aware of this little quirk in the software. The older bikes may not see a fix, but the newer ones just might. I hope the older ones do also. This is especially important to those of us who have purchased an extra battery in order to go longer distances.