Trying to find a battery input port


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I don't know how to find this specific part. I have a Magnum Peak with a das-kit controller and hub motor, and all of that is fine, but there is this other part that isn't that is meant to attach to the bike frame and connect to the battery, but it broke off and snapped its wires.

I've attached pictures of this part, any advice on how to get it (or what its called!) would be appreciated. I have messages out to various bike stores (like Epic Cycles), but as its the weekend I'm in a waiting game on that front. I think it would help to at least know what this part is called, and/or if you guys think this is the sort of thing that could be repaired with a bit of solder. It might be better to just get a new part since the plastic also broke off... though that piece appears to be made out of PLA, so it isn't completely outside the real of possibility for me to 3d print it (though I doubt I could get the CAD model for it).



Merle Nelson

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Huh, is that the same connector I just saw referred to on the Luna Apollo bike? (It was in one of the youtube videos put out by Luna if so.)

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