Trying to get the RadRover on a Seattle metro bus

Sai Kodi


I am new to the site and new to electric bikes. I just bought mine a couple of days back and am loving it. So far I have put 15 miles on the RadRover and oh my gosh its amazing! I just love it.

Having said that, since it looks like I am liking it a lot more than I thought I would, I am planning to use it for my commuting needs - home to bus park & ride and back in the evening. Its 4 miles each way and it should be a breeze on this thing.

I looked up Seattle metro bus requirements:
  • Wheel sizes of 16"-29" allowed - RR has 26" which is good
  • Wheel base of up to 46" allowed - RR has 46" which is good
  • Tire widths of up to 3" allowed - RR has 4" - not good
  • Weight limit of 55 lbs allowed - RR is 54lbs without battery which is good
Technical specs taken from:
Seattle Metro bus requirements:

So I can put up with removing the battery every time I put it on the bus to deal with weight limitations. However, the tires wont fit. Are there any good 3" tires that would fit the RR? My needs are strictly for commuting purposes on streets and pavements and off-road requirements are absolute zero.

Is it a possibility to swap the 4" tires with 3" wide tires for the RadRover?

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Some folks here really like 3" hookworm tires on their Rover. Likely my next tire when I wear out the originals.


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You might also find out what Seattle means when they say 3 inches. Like is the tray 3.5" to accomodate 3 inch tires, or is it a 3 inch wide tray?

The last set of Vee Rubber tires I bought are advertised at 4.7 inches, but are barely 4" on my rims. I knew that going in.


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Unfortunately more likely than not it won't matter if you put a skinnier tire on the radrover, the rim is still going to be too wide for any bus bike rack system. They simply aren't built for fat tire bikes.


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The radrover wheel is 3.5" wide. I'll need to confirm this but regardless it's too wide of a wheel to begin with. I believe the tire, when inflated, comes out to about 4.25" wide. They just BARELY fit my rack tray which is good up to 4.5" wide.

Sai Kodi

Okay. So there is no way we can put it on a bus even with skinny tires? I will call the metro tomorrow to get more details on the rack system.


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Okay. So there is no way we can put it on a bus even with skinny tires? I will call the metro tomorrow to get more details on the rack system.
  • Metro buses often visit community festivals and other events around the county to give information to the public about using transit. Feel free to ask the driver if you can try the rack while the bus is parked.
  • Several free-standing demo racks travel to public events and employer or campus transportation fairs so that people can try the rack. Look for a demo rack at your next transportation fair.
  • Practice racks are available at these locations on an on-going basis:
    • Bellevue College at 3000 Landerholm Circle SE, Bellevue, WA 98007
      Practice rack location: Inside the bus shelter atrium in front of the parking garage at the main campus next to the vending machines. Instructions are posted next to the rack. To make an appointment for personal assistance, contact the Office of Sustainability by sending an email or calling 425-564-2720.
    • North Seattle College at 9600 College Way N, Seattle, WA 98103.
      Practice rack location: on the sidewalk along College Way by the flag plaza. Instructions are posted at the rack. To make an appointment for personal assistance, contact Mohamed Hamza, Transportation Coordinator, by sending an email or calling 206-934-0060.
    • University of Washington Seattle Campus at 1320 NE Campus Parkway, Seattle, WA 98105.
      The UW practice rack is located at the corner of University Way (“The Ave”) and Campus Parkway. It is in the Transportation Services office courtyard, next to the bike racks, and is available for practice use 24/7. For more information or assistance, contact UW Transportation Services by sending an email or calling 206-616-7493
    • Alki Bike & Board at 2606 California Ave SW, Seattle WA 98116.
      Customers should check shop hours before visiting to test the rack. 206-938-3322
    • Highline College at 2400 S 240 St, Des Moines, WA 98198.
      Practice rack location: Next to the bus shelter located on the south side of campus ((Link Removed - No Longer Exists)). To make an appointment for personal assistance, contact the Director of Facilities by calling 206-878-3710 ext. 3793.

Sai Kodi

Great thanks! I will give it a try. That way we know what will fit and what not. Excepting the tires everything else looks to match the requirements. :) I am optimistic we can do some changes to the tires and get it loaded on to the bus. :)