Tubeless Conversion


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I just completed converting my wheels from tubes to tubeless and thought others might like to get an idea of what's involved and the cost. First off, even though my Yamaha Wabash wheels came with tubes, both the rims and tires were tubeless compatible. This meant I did not have to purchase either new wheels or new tires.

The first step is to remove the tire and tube from the wheel. You then remove the stock rim tape and clean the inside rim surface with alcohol or acetone. The surface must be very clean so you can install special tubeless rim tape. The stock tape only protects the tube from rubbing on the spoke holes while the tubeless tape adheres to the rim and seals the spoke holes. Once the rim is sealed you install the special tubeless stem. This looks just like the stem on a tube except it has a rubber seal on the inside of the rim and an O-ring on the outside of the rim. You then remount the tire to the wheel (without the tube) and add the special latex tubeless tire sealant. The easiest way is to use a syringe and inject the sealant through the stem. This means you must remove the stem core. After the proper amount sealant (depends on the tire size) is injected, reinstall the stem core. Slowly rotate the wheel to spread the sealant over the entire inside surface of the tire. I suppose you could inflate the tire either before or after you distribute the sealant. My shop recommended then taking the bike for a ride to continue spreading the sealant. The shop also suggested running a lower tire pressure than I would run with a tube. I lowered mine from 60 to 50 psi.

My costs were as follows:

Rim tape $11
Stems (2) $20
Sealant $22
Injector $4

Total $57

I hope this gives others an idea of what's involved and the approximate cost. Feel free to add your suggestions.