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With the anticipation of some ice and snow I decided to try a fat bike this year. Hopefully I won't have as many crashes with fat tires??? I ended up with a Haibike Fatsix RC which is powered by the Bosch CX. I have been hearing success stories with tubeless set ups on fat bikes. So what the heck I gave it a shot. There are several different ways to prepare rims to go tubeless. After extensive research I decided to go with Fattystrippers - the name alone is priceless! I made a video of my install but here is a better version.

I used 4 ounces of stans tire sealant in the front tire and 6 ounces in the back. All but one of my flats have been on the back tire so I thought - what's a little extra sealant :D. It took me about 15 mins per tire. I would be happy to answer any ?'s.

I am going to go tubeless on my 27.5 Super Moto X's next.

Does anyone else run tubeless?
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Converted my FatSix to tubeless. Stans Pro 6oz front and rear. I was averaging a flat every 60mi. 45mi on the tubeless and not flats yet. Been gradually lowering the pressures. Running 11.5 front and 13 rear. Every ride I lower pressure, notice a significant positive difference. Ultimately will try 9 and 11. I'm 170# and carry a fairly heavy camelback (12#?).