Tubeless tires--please share experiences and ask questions here!

When I lived in Hawaii I had a flat and had to fix it on the side of a busy highway in the pouring rain. That was not an experience that needed to be repeated, so I bought some of those Kevlar Armadillo tires, thick thorn proof tubes, tuffy liners, and slime. They laughed at me at the bike shop, but I never had another flat. Tubeless tires on a bike would not be my first choice for a lot of reasons.

Nowadays I just put slime in the standard tubes. Since moving to the desert, the issue here is nearly always goatshead thorns.

Funny thing, my pedal bike has some expensive Kenda tires on it with lots of rubber on the treads as well as thorn proof tubes (as if!), while my e-bike has the cheap Chinese tires that came on it w/ thin rubber on the treads. I ride the e-bike much more than the pedal bike, and neither bike has had a flat in a year and a half. If you ride where there's glass or debris on the roads you might want to go w/ thick tubes, liner and slime, but for thorns slime alone works great.


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If you want a tire that's pretty much thorn proof (without going tubeless or Slime tubes), look at the Schwalbe Marathons. No goat head thorn has ever penetrated the Marathons I used. I must have pulled out 10-20 of them over time. The downside is they're heavy, but who cares if you have a heavy ebike?


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I'll bet those Tannus tires heavy. Great if you don't want flats. Less so if you value a nimble, compliant ride.


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My e-bike has Schwalbe Big Bens w/the 3 mm kevlar liner. I'm in Denver, ride mostly paved trails and low-traffic neighborhood streets; are flats going to be a big enough problem for me that I need to consider any of this? Doesn't seem like it.