Turbo (hub drive) powers on, lights cycle, but no power to wheel


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Has anyone seen this? Battery is charged and everything appears to be normal but there's no power to the wheel. I tried turning on/off a few times and even removed the battery.

Any ideas for things I can check myself before going to the shop?

It was stored for the last 2 weeks in weather from 40-60F with the battery at around 55-60%.

Thanks for any tips!


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Obvious thought is the connector at the back. Might need some cleaning? My only major has been the connector where the battery mates with the bike. I have had to replace it as it wasn't making a good connection (I tried to 'help' it with some aluminium foil which then resulted in a melting incident, so don't do that!).


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I would check the connector at the top of battery. I was having an issue where the motor would suddenly not have power but lights and display worked. I replaced the connector and the issue went away. I used to charge the battery off the bike an had a lot more cycles inserting the battery. There is a post from bazzapage with the part number and link.