Turbo Levo Issues


After owning my Turbo Levo for six trouble free months the honeymoon came to an end today. Now that the weather is nice I have been trying to ride it at least twice weekly. Most of my riding is rail trails and a little off the beaten path when that path isn't covered with large rocks and fallen trees!
Today I decided to take a quick ride at a trail in one of the local state forests but after unloading my bike and turning it on I noticed one of my lights on my battery light indicator was red. According to the mission control app all was fine. As soon as I started pedaling I realized I had no pedal assist. I shut everything down and restarted it twice but still a no go. At this point I noticed my charging cover was not closed properly so I fixed that and tried again and everything seemed to be working. After doing a quick 12 miles I headed home and put the bike on the charger and still had that darn red light showing. After charging I took it for a quick ride and now it will only run in turbo mode and if I change to eco or trail it goes right back to turbo. Mission control can no longer see that my Levo is turned on.
I guess it's a trip to the bike shop for me tomorrow.


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My mission control app would not recognize my bike either was doing a few strange things, it turned out to be my phone, 7plus... I restarted my phone and all was fine.