Turbo Levo Vs Comp vs Expert vs S-works

Turbo Levo V Expert V Comp Which would you pick and why?

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  • Turbo Levo Comp

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  • Turbo Levo Expert

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Hello, I had the entry level Turbo Levo FSR but it had a small issue with a clunk noise after a couple of days use. Specialized warranty was second to none and they fixed the issue. I upgraded to a new Expert Levo and have had it for a couple of weeks now. I love the bike and can't wait to get back out on it asap. The one thing I'd say the Expert has over the base model is the extra battery capacity and the dropper post. I did not realize how much I'd use the dropper post but it makes steep descents a breeze. As the comp comes with the dropper I'd say it offers excellent value for money. I'm not a good enough rider as of yet to tell the difference in suspension so I can't comment on that yet.
Anyway you go you will love the Levo....
Few days ago i went to my LBS and asusual for me i saw the standard Levo FSR and the size is for me....staring at the bike the lad asked me if i want it,of course i do! Since it is a b-day pressie for myself i went home with a New Levo!
While staring, i noticed some scratches and very bothered, so i called the LBS and told them i will go back and exchange for a new unit. While browsing i saw the Expert Levo! Dang this is what i want! Full top of the range parts and upgraded battery wattage and just a difference of £500 you cant go wrong! So went back and returned the Standard Levo and now waiting for a ring to collect the new bike!
Lesson learned not to be "Impulsive" again lol! Good thing i snapped a photo of the FSR together with my 3months old
Levo Comp HT!
Cheers all


They just lowered the price of the Expert and the S Works by 1000 each. Makes the gap between the COMP and the Expert much less appealing...


I went to my LBS and was about to purchase a Comp but got talked into looking at the Expert since it was marked down 1000, they had just learned about the price markdown on Wednesday. At only 1000$ difference you get better battery life, better front fork, Kashima Coating oil the rear suspension, better front and rear hubs, better spokes, better rims, better shifters, derailleurs, better cassette, better front and rear brakes, better handlebar, not to mention that lovely Orange paint.