Turbo Owners -- What's your total mileage? [OFFICIAL MILEAGE THREAD]


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A bit over 25,000km, the original Formula C1 brakes got a bit squishy and lacking power, so instead of servicing them I replaced with a full set of Shimano XT M8000 brakes.
It was easy enough to do, and the only trickery was to use the half-shell bracket from the left brake on the controller/shifter bracket now that the integrated 3-way setup has been broken. I bought some M5 stainless bolts and locknuts to hold it all together. Looks elegant and works perfectly as 1-finger brakes should.
I have a to-do list item to shorten the hydraulic cables. I was very relieved that the rear brake cable runs externally. Some bikes have all internally routed cables and hoses which would have been a lot more awkward.
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7000km on my Turbo now. Not a huge distance but I have other bikes, this mainly gets used for occasional commuting. Other than a load of broken rear spokes and 2 broken controllers (both replaced FOC by Specialized UK) it has been pretty good. I've binned the Formula brakes and the Sram shifter / mech and replaced with Shimano.

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At nearly 8000 miles i had to replace chain, chain wheel, freehub. The bike still performs well. I recently bought a Reise & Muller Superdelite (Bosch mid motor, dual 500 watt hour batteries, brake lights, front and rear suspension, 4 levels of assist, belt drive, Nuvinci internal gearing, and more). The R&M is a really well built, well integrated bike, and it should be for the price. I don't like the whine of the Bosch motor, but the comfort of the ride is terrific. I've put 2,000 miles on it in a little over three months without a single issue. Kept the Turbo, and still love the silent ride. My Average speed is about the same as with the Turbo. Also had to buy a new hitch mounted rack as the weight of the Riese & Muller is nearly 20 pounds more than the Turbo. I don't regret the purchase. The belt drive and internal gearing are really nice.