Turbo S updated to 5.14


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I had my bike updated with the newest software 5.14 from 5.0. It supposedly makes the battery charge to 100% instead of the usual 98%. It seems to work. It also takes care of the issue of the odometer resetting to zero. Of course the first time I charged the battery after the update the odometer reset to zero...Fail.


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If you have a 2016 Turbo S just get the Mission Control app and it will tell you what software version. I have for the iPhone but I think there is an Android Version also. My bike came with version 5.0. Older bikes need to have the dealer hook up the computer to the bike.

John Dombrowski

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Looks like my last S came with 5.14 but I still have the 98% issue and the resetting of the odometer issue. As I said before, I don't really think Specialized cares too much about the ebike line to put much quality control into it. I have emailed the specialists who I was talking to months ago when I got my first S 6 times or more and have not got 1 response back. Their customer service is just downright awful if you ask me.

Douglas Ruby

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@John Dombrowski you hold the joystick over to the left until it shows battery temperature (about 5s). Then click over to the right to see firmware version.
That just shows the firmware for the handlebar controller, not for the battery or the motor. To see that battery firmware version, you must either run the bluetooth software (for the 691Wh battery) or run the factory dealer diagnostics (for non-bluetooth batteries).
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