Turbo SL Rack


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Hi, I’m curious what things people have mounted on your Turbo SL Rack. I got a new Vado SL 4.0 EQ and have Ortlieb panniers that fit great. But wondering what else I should be thinking of, especially as I’ve never used the Racktime system. In particular, I’d like to figure out a way to mount a Garmin Varia to it. But it doesn’t have any standard 50mm light mount points like other Racktime mounts do. And Racktime doesn’t seem to have an accessory to add your own light.


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I’d been using a Topeak MTX EX trunkbag on y Cannondale Adventure, ASOS I bought an adapter that changes the Racktime to MTX. The adapter is much less expensive than the Racktime equivalent. So are the bags.

One issue, if you attach the adapter you will have issues with your panniers as they may not mount over the adapter.