Turbo Vado 5.0 Order Dilema


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After many test rides on the Vado, Vado Sl and the Como we ordered a Vado 5.0 Step through for my wife in July. The LBS said it would not be available until mid September.Yesterday the LBS said he checked with his area rep or distributer and was told that they have no idea when the the bike wound be available. Maybe February '21. Yikes. I spoke with another LBS in the Tampa Bay area and after diligent investigation by him he came up with the same bad news. Basically no idea when the 5.0 would be available. The pandemic and China trade issue are probably contributing to the delay. Any additional information about the the above problem would be appreciated. If anyone knows of the availability of a Vado Medium 5.0 Step through please contact me. Thank you, Allan


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Sorry I can't help you, but I think it's mostly due to the pandemic inspiring a massive spike in e-bike (and bike) sales this year. Many retailers and manufacturers are reporting that 2020 sales are between 200 and 400% higher than expected.


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Allandpm, I feel your pain. I’m also waiting for a Vado 5 order from my LBS. If you’re still looking, I stumbled across the “Find nearby” button on the Specialized page. Put in your Zip Code and it will show available bikes across the nation. Vado 5 Step through