Turbo Vado SL did not turn on


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I have a Vado SL that I was unfortunately unable to ride for a about a week (bad air in NorCal). The battery was still mostly charged, but for some reason the bike did not turn on after I pressed the power button. Figuring it was a dead battery I went ahead with my ride.

However when I got home and plugged the bike in,the power meter indicated that I had 80-90% charge Further, after unplugging the bike it turned on and off just fine.

Anyone else have a similar experience? Hoping this isn’t a recurring problem...


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Both of our Vados benefitted from a plastic friendly contact cleaner on the battery power terminals and the mating frame mounted connector. It's fairly cheap. Wouldn't hurt to give it a try.


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This actually happened again today. I tried plugging it in, except this time the bike did not turn on. When I came back from riding the other bike, unplugging the power cable caused the lights to come on briefly. After that the power button worked as expected.

Calling LBS tomorrow to see what can be done.