Turbo Vado SL Front light


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Hi everyone, just joined the Forum and really am enjoying the knowledge and knowhow everyone has here! I very recently purchased a Vado Sl 4 and ideally want to fit a Redshift Shock Stop stem but rather than cable tie the lezyne ebike hecto stvzo e65 to the stem was wondering if its possible to mount it to the front frame - does anyone know if there's an aftermarket mount which could be used for this? The stvo e65 comes with such a mount but I guess Specialized have swapped it out for their own to fit onto their stem system? Any thoughts would be most welcome! Thanks!


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I bought the Lezyne light stem mount as an spare part accessory (broke the Specialized plastic one). Any GoPro compatible mount will work so search your favorite online sources for a GoPro stem mount. There was another post here with one.