Turbo Vado SL - suspension seat posts

Darth Vado SL

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Have my Turbo Vado SL 4 EQ for 6 weeks and it's a great ride.......my only regret (besides not getting the 5 EQ which wasn't in stock) other than the rack is sore butt syndrome. I know it's a matter of personal preference, but curious as to what (lightweight) suspension seat posts others use to cushion things a bit.


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Redshift Shockstop. I have one on my Vado as well as on my old Crosstrail, which is a hybrid very similar to the SL but without the motor. My wife raves about the one on her Trek Verve+ and when I eventually get my own SL the Vado post will move there. I weigh 160lbs and ride on rough pavement and gravel trails and roads, but not MTB terrain. It's better for things like cracks, bumps, and stones but not chuckholes, rocks, and roots. But then I'm OK about standing up over the really rough stuff. 😁 It has certainly been a back-saver so far!


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Yup those are highly regarded. Thudbusters are a popular choice a tier down.

if you are budget limited, the SR Suntour or Satori options are also pretty well reviewed in the lower bracket. I have 2 of the Suntours, primarily because the Kinekt is obscenely expensive up here in Canada, and it get the job done more than adequately.

I tired to order a Thudbuster LT a few weeks ago for my newer bike, but couldn't find stock anywhere.

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If you want the lightest suspension seat post there's the eeSilk, by Cane Creek. The biggest problem with this product, besides it not being cheap, is its presently backordered.


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The eeSilk and Redshift have a max rider weight of 250 and 242 lbs respectively. The Kinekt goes up to 320 lbs and the Cane Creek Thudbuster ST (gen 4) goes to 330 lbs. This may be a criteria for some riders.


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I bought a Satori Animaris that took two weeks to come from China. I’ve ridden with it two or three times, so far. It still probably needs some adjustments but it does work fairly well. I got it for about $75.

I felt it was a worthwhile purchase it it worked at all. If not good enough but in the right direction I might spring for a better post. if it didn’t make a difference I could live with the relatively inexpensive Satori.

So far it seems to work, but I still need to make some saddle adjustments - forward I think - as my hand position isn’t ideal.

Do something for your ass and your hands hurt. Adjust for your hands and your neck hurts. Glad it’s spring when shorter rides make sense so the various body parts can be accommodated.