Turning 30 in 2018: ebike vacation ideas


I like to relax on vacation but I like the idea of seeing the one and outs of a city by bike. I love food, especially seafood, and I want to limit myself to Canada or South America (even though Iceland intrigues me!) But I'm open to suggestions! I'm not a great flyer, but my bucket list includes Scotland and Iceland.

Anyone been somewhere with ebike vacation rentals and has some thought s?


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0ne of the prettiest places on earth is the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec.



I've spent time there, not ebiking unfortunately, but I have thought about it. There's a fair amount to see and do there, one could spend a week just touring lighthouses. There aren't any casinos or amusement parks (as far as I know), it's small town Canada. A pure beauty spot!

I came accross this website awhile back, they rent ebikes. I've only scanned the website and saved it for a possible future trip. It looked promising.

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