Two bikes stolen this year

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Geez, where were they stolen from? I work in Vancouver and regularly ride to work. I know some areas are bad.

Kind of funny, but I was walking down Granville street the other day when I was on lunch and I saw some of the homeless set up outside the old movie theatre and there were a number of bikes and I was thinking, where did those bikes come from? Are they stolen?


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My daughters in university have had two acoustic bikes stolen this year in Vancouver B.C. it is out of control. The thieves operate chop shops in the streets with the police watching. I had some signs printed and installed them ifront of city hall and the Provincial Courthouse and several other locations
Awesome signs and a great way to bring attention to this problem.

I recently spoke with a campus policeman in the DC metro area about the long-standing bicycle theft problem. He looked at my R&M and said that it was too strange looking to be a target. Then he said the thieves have moved on to (gas) motor scooters -“students leave them unlocked” he lamented. I think police tend to think of bicycle theft as a crime of opportunity due to careless owners.


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Instead of looking at the police, maybe its the mayor or prosecutor who make the decisions on who to arrest. In Seattle that has become the problem. Many police officers leave because of this.


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I saw this heading and thought, "Oh this must be a Vancouver thread." I wasn't disappointed, I saw your posts on r/vancouver. Good work.