Two E-Creo issues: Range Extender depletion/Firmware Update


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Nothing secret here so here are screen shots from both bikes. First shot is from the Vado SL. Second one is from the Creo which still needs an update but latest version numbers are shown. There is also a firmware update for the RE but I didn’t have it hooked up when these shots were taken. As you can see, the version numbers are not the same for both bikes. Hope you get it sorted our soon.


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The fourth time was the charm. Although, strange happenings. I've ridden the bike about five times since the update "failed" or, at least, appeared to fail. I've checked at the shop twice and before and after each ride. Prompt "Needs update" and the firmware screen showed blank fields.

Pedaled down to the shop about a mile or so from home. Covid restricted entry. Ushered in. Turn on the Mission Control for the shop guy. Shows that blank screen for the umpteenth time and then suddenly flashes values. Everything except the Range Extender shows latest values. He grabs the RE and heads to the upstairs computer. Returns a bit later - needs the entire bike. About 15 minutes later he's back. All's good. Mission Control shows everything has latest firmware.

He then informed me (not sure he should), the the firmware is installed via a USB plug under the Display Unit on the top tube. That's the PowerOn and PowerValue component. But users are not suppose to do it. (software is not available to end users at this time)