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I'm looking for suggestions for storage / mounts for my u lock on my Moscow Plus. I don't want to leave my rack on all the time and don't want to carry it in a backpack or on my body anywhere, and the lock is to big for the triangle area. So how do you do yours? This is for the times I just want to stop for a quick beer or coffee while out riding, Maybe just a good padlock on my cable and I do have a alarm.


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I saw this and thought it a good solution for a bike without space or rack.

I can't vouch for it as I use an Abus 6500. Looks interesting though.


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It’s almost impossible to find anywhere on the bike that it fits - my insurance company had a list of approved locks and the one I bought has to go in a backpack!


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I use a Giant brand D lock on my NCM Moscow. The swivel mount for it fits on the saddle tube. To release it, it is swivelled out on the vertical axis and then you press the mount release button and rotate it. Works fine and I dont notice it while riding.


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An update on the lock mount as per the photo is the previous post. I was on a longish ride through some rough tracks and heard a knocking noise. Some time later at home, I noticed that the lock mount had broken but was still hanging on. The saddle clamp on the other side of the mount had snapped in the middle. Not sure if it was vibration or when the bike was lying down that broke it. It is now fixed with a reinforced piece of aluminium over the broken saddle (painted so you hardly notice it).


I have the same problem, I bought the amazon basics u lock to only realize later I couldn't find a way to mount it.