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I wondered how UK e-bike laws differed from the rest of the world?

UK law :
  • Riders must be 14 or older.
  • On the road, e-bikes are classified as pedal bicycles and can be used in public spaces and cycle lanes.
  • You can’t a speeding ticket but you can be booked for dangerous or careless behavior.
  • Motors capped to 250w
  • Max. speed capped at 15.5mph
  • You don't need a licence, insurance or road tax
  • You're not required to wear a helmet
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Also the UK is extremely strict on mobile phone use while driving, but their is no law against using your mobile on a n e-bike. But you can get booked for dangerous cycling.

Do these laws differ in the rest of Europe, America or elsewhere?


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Swiss legislation differs from that of the EU:

Light mopeds

Engine Power: max 500W
Pedal assist: max 25km/h
Max throttle speed: 20km/h
Plates & registration: not required
Liability insurance: not required
Driver’s licence: cat. M from 14 to 16 yrs of age, not required after 16 yrs of age
Helmet: not required


Engine Power: max 1’000W
Pedal assist: max 45km/h
Max throttle speed: 20Km/h (with EN1078 helmet) or 30Km/h (with Moped helmet)
Plates & registration: required
Liability insurance: required
Driver’s licence: cat. M or superior (i.e. a driver's licence for a car or motorbike).
Helmet: required, but type varies depending on the max throttle speed.

I've attached the source if you're curious. Unfortunately it's in French.

Although less precise, you can also translate this in Chrome:

It's also to be noted that some EU countries allow Speed Pedelecs. It's the case of Germany.


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