UK Newbie wants folding ebike in UK


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I live in England and have not had electric bike before. Been looking online but so much choice I've got bewildered so hope someone can help me with this..
Am looking for folding ebike available in UK from dealer/bike shop (not online shipping only) which I will use for leisure and taking on caravan holidays.
Ideally would like it to be 20" wheel (no fat tyres), lightweight (say 20Kg or less) could be heavier if had a compact fold enough to lift fiarly easily into boot/trunk/hatchback, a compact fold, rear or crank motor 300W 8Ah plus, Shimano Nexus or similar hub gears (or can be sold on derailleur if pushed), PAS with torque sensor and throttle, with mudguards/fenders, capable of taking a panier rack, for use mostly on cycle /tarmac tracks and roads with occasionally on good forest tracks with few steep hills. Want to pedal freely without motor assist.
Im 5ft 9" 180lbs getting on a bit but fairly fit and ride 2-3 times per week on hybrid 26" wheel and have Dahon MU XL as folder.
Am flexible on price and prepared to pay premium price if bike fits my needs.
That's it for now
Look forward to any replies


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UK laws, I believe, limits you to 250W, and throttles are only allowed to get your started from a stop. Not to mention a 15 mph speed limit? I was going to say there must be plenty of UK shops that have decent e-folders, but a lot of your wants seem to be outside what they can legally sell as a a bike.

Anyway, except for no throttle, a Tern might fit your wants.



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Writing from the US but my son lives in London. I think Tern makes good high end (expensive) 20" folding ebikes. The Vektron S10 has a Bosch Performance Line mid drive motor with lots of torque. Also available in the UK is the Volt Axis. It has a Shimano Steps mid drive motor. The Vektron is a conventional 10 speed. The Volt has the Shimano Alfine 8 speed internal rear hub gear set. Both weigh about 22 kg. Both use torque sensors and have fenders. I would personally choose the less expensive of the two. Good luck.