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If you're starting out to tune, or re-tune, your Bafang Ultra G620/M510 motor, you've come to the right place. There's a lot to setting up an Ultra to ride the way you want, but if you take it a step at a time it won't be as daunting. You don't have to do them all at once - I actually recommend against that.

I've created a series of threads covering the different aspects of Ultra tuning - this thread lists them all. I recommend going in this order and doing test rides after each:
  1. First, set up the Basic tab:

  2. Next, set up the Pedal tab:

  3. Now, set up the often-overlooked Delta Voltage Table in the Torque Tab:

  4. Finally, set up the important Spd Table in the Torque Tab:
I'm not intending to follow-up with additional posts in this thread, and I ask that you think hard before responding here. Ideally, this would be the only post in this thread. Information material to Ultra setup should be posted to the appropriate thread linked above, as should suggestions/criticisms/corrections. I'm also open to DMs if there's something you want to ask or discuss off of the actual setup content threads linked above.

EDIT: I decided to create a thread documenting where prior Bafang Ultra tuning guides have gone wrong:
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I am experiencing some motor issues at the moment but I was able to set up my programming via following the suggestions above. I ditched the stock LUNA tune right away as it was horrible IMNSHO and tried the Smooth tune as well as all the others on YT. None of those did what I felt necessary so I branched blindly off on my own tweaking then testing settings. Eventually I got to where myself and my riding buddy with the same bike were happy enough with and rode it for over a thousand miles.

However I was never really convinced that it was the best it could be and after reading Smorgasboards conclusions I hoped it would lead to that? I had already done the continuous get but re-did that and fine tuned the related settings and then basically followed his logic from there. Immediately upon riding I was impressed by how much the pedal feel had improved in all modes, I use the 5 version. Way more torque sensitive and less cadence influence that I felt with my best guess tune. I do think for my riding style and with a more comprehensive understanding of how the system coordinates I could tweak it even more and as Smorgasboard alludes to making small changes off the laptop program is a PITA. To that end I ordered an EggRider to facilitate finishing off the tune.

Thanks to @smorgasbord for the effort he put into this, every M620 UART owner should at least try to implement it for their bikes.


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Just remember that the EggRider only works with 1 battery only,
using dual battery's will burn it up, per the email I received from them.

Adrian A <info@eggrider.com>​

Tue, Apr 4, 12:46 PM
to me

Hi Don,
Thank you for your message.
Yes, unfortunately, we are not compatible with dual batteries. We had some customers that fried their EggRiders because of this. If you are going to use an EggRider with dual batteries, then you will void your warranty.

So I am thinking that I'll use the ER with 1 battery for tuning,
then unplug it and use the dual battery's to test until I get the turning I want.
Your thoughts and suggestions..


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@smorgasbord Sorry to clutter here but I have a question that incorporates all the parts. I have gone through all the parts of tuning the motor. I did a ride the other day with the basics and today with all the steps. What I noticed on my ride today was it was actually to easy to pedal and i did take a hit on the battery. I would like to tune it down some and have a bit more leg power.
I used the spreadsheet without changing the %, and I used your PAS settings that you mentioned later in the PAS thread when talking with Armourd.

My question is: I would like to change something in those settings so that I have a bit more leg power to move. Should I change the PAS levels lower according to the % chart you showed in the pas post first, or should i change torque setting at a lower %?

Also this is for a more battery efficiency thing. I am on mostly flat florida and the settings you have suggested is really really fun, but i am looking for range. Thanks

edit. The only reason I left eco pas1 today was to flat out play with the other levels and to fly on the ground. i smoked the lectrics on eco pas1, even in their top assist. Did have to up the PAS to catch up after being behind a 1/4 mile though.
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