Understanding e-assist.

Ravi Kempaiah

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This video has been floating around the internet for couple of weeks and I have really begun the appreciate the e-assistance more after watching this.

Here, a World champion sprinter is made to power a bread toaster via a stationary bike. Normal bread toasters work at ~700W and an elite athlete like Robert can only keep up that wattage for a few minutes. It is far easier to sustain 350W for prolonged periods. from the video, it takes 21Whr to toast a bread slice. A normal battery pack on an ebike carries ~400 Whr (so, 1/20'th )

Putting that into context, 350W motor (nominal) can help you with additional 350W (yeah, that is 1/2 Robert)!! Even though an Easy Motion motor is rated at 350W, it won't put out 350W always (e.g: in ECO mode) But in higher assist levels or full throttle, you're getting more / close to the peak output value.

So riding such a bike = having half Robert on your side :)
Really enjoyed watching this video and it's an excellent demonstration of how much assist we are getting.


Ravi Kempaiah

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If my legs ever looks like Robert's I'm quitting cycling! (I'm not too worried).

So next Sunday morning, this might happen....

PowerMe after a 30 mile morning ride, feeling absolutely upbeat, goes to a restaurant for brunch.

Waiter: "What would you like to order, ma'm?"
PowerMe: " two Roberts please....."
Waiter: "Sorry, what?? I didn't get that...."
PowerMe: " never mind, I meant two toasts...." and "I ride with half Robert anyway ;) "