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My wife wants a new computer bag and has some ummm.... specific standards. Right now she has a Decathlon bag, but it is nothing but problems. It has a flap to cover the connection hardware when it is not on the bike. That flap is held in place by a couple of magnets, so it does not hold it very well. My wife does not always make sure that the flap is outside the rack so tends to rub against the tire.

To the specs

A shoulder bag.
Rear rack mountable
Connecting hardware that can be concealed when not on the bike is preferred.
On the smaller side. Big enough to hold a computer, a couple note pads, her phone and a couple other small items.

And it has to be fashionable.

A good example is the Ortlieb Twin City, but my wife is not thrilled with how it looks.

Thanks for the help.


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Fashionable is subjective, but check out basil.

They are water resistant rather than a hard core ortleib waterproof , but their boheme panniers have an extremely simple latching mechanism with a zip secured flap. If you want dimensions let me know. Edit, my wifes hp with 17 screen fits perfectly https://www.basil.com/en/boheme-fietsschoudertas-groen.html

They make lots of different larger options , top cases etc - but we stick with ortleib for anything big / precious
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I have been looking at this bag and really like it. And the video shows a computer not sure what size.


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This racktime city computer bag is great. The only photo does not show it feature but they include a waterproof rain cover in the side zipper pocket and a zipped cover that goes over the pannier hooks on the back side. It is well organized inside and reasonably compact. I probably won't hold a laptop larger than 15.5" They have been out of production for a while but you might find a seller that has some old stock. I bought one used in like new condition on ebay a few years ago, so they do come up there once in a while.


Here is a review with photos that goes into details

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