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Our last experience with Barcelona-based Unlimited saw us testing out the company’s Unlimited x Loaded e-skateboard kit, which they have since delivered to thousands of customers. Now the team of engineers is back with another slick conversion kit. The kit is available in a number of versions and with various accessories, but in its simplest form, it consists of just a battery, a motor wheel, and a pedal-assist sensor. The pedal assist sensor is even wireless, meaning there’s nothing to plug in. Riders simply swap in the motor wheel in place of their own wheel, place the battery on the downtube, and the pedal-assist sensor on the pedal crank. Without the extra wiring, the kit is simpler to install and looks pretty nice too. Unlimited says that the kit will fit just about any bike, and offers motor wheels in sizes from 16″ all the way up to big 29er wheels.

unlimited ebike kit

The kit is available in the EU and US. The motor can output up to 750W of power and reach speeds of 35 km/h (22 mph). However, it will be limited to meet the appropriate national laws for each rider’s country. That means Americans will likely get the unlocked kits, while Europeans will have somewhat lower speed and power limits applied depending on their country. The kit is available in three different levels, with the major difference being the size of the battery and the inclusion of a stealth OLED display.

The 52V batteries are available in a smaller 151Wh pack or a larger 353Wh pack. With the lowest pedal assist level, the former is rated for up to 35 km (22 miles) of range while the latter is rated for up to 80 km (50 miles) of range. There’s also a throttle option available to US riders, but expect the throttle to cut down those range numbers. The kit starts at US$550, with additional accessories like the throttle or larger battery pack costing extra.


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