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Hi all - long time lurker of this forum, first post.

I’m hoping someone can advise. I’m having a difficult experience with the Juiced CCX I just purchased at the end of August, and unfortunately have not been pleased with the level of support from Juiced so far. Here’s a brief summary of the situation.

Purchased new black CCX, delivered on 8/23.

-Rode over the next four weeks with no problem, put over 300 miles on the bike. Really like the bike a lot.

-Finally on 9/21, while on a ride, I lose power briefly. Screen flashes off. I power it back on, it flashes off again a few seconds later. This happens three more times within 10 seconds before permanently staying off. No power to the bike, no screen. I still had 51v battery remaining. Because I was 25+ miles away, I have to get a lift back home (riding CCX with no power is like riding in wet cement)

Contact Juiced support on Monday 9/23 and explain what happened. I go back and forth with them over the next five days while they ask for photos of my connections, tell me to check for bent pins and other very basic steps (it’s a brand new bike!). Finally on Friday after escalating to 'tier 2' support, they say that I need a new controller.

Before they will agree to ship me a new controller, they want confirmation that I have actually placed my old one in the mail first! Huh? Haven’t been asked to do that in ages. So, I take out the old controller, and low and behold... IT’S A 48V CONTROLLER! WHAT THE HECK? (see photo) I am glad I found the source of the problem, but at the same time a little troubled that this kind of verification isn’t part of Juiced QA process once the bike arrives from China.

I ask the support team about the fact that it is a 48v and not 52v, and they state, “Yeah, it appears a mistake we didn’t catch at our technology center”

So... *finally* tonight I receive the replacement controller. Here is where my frustration is really increasing. The controller they sent me looks Identical to the 48v I just sent back to them, only there is a blue sticker pasted over the top of the label that says 52v. I peel back the sticker, and it still says 48v!! (see photo)

So - my question for the forum: Has anyone encountered this issue? Should I trust that Juiced has actually sent me a real 52v controller? Any other suggestions?

I am frankly bummed about the whole experience and time off the road dealing with this issue. I want to be riding. The bike is essentially brand new, and already experiencing major issues. I am hoping Juiced can step it up here, because the reality is that it's a great bike, but I can't help but be a a bit disappointed one month into ownership.


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Just installed the replacement controller they sent - and it didn't work unfortunately. Still no power to the bike / no screen. Awaiting next steps from support.

Thomas Jaszewski

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Before they will agree to ship me a new controller, they want confirmation that I have actually placed my old one in the mail first! Huh?
Yes. So often users get the new parts and never return the questionable part. It’s important to the seller to understand what exactly went wrong. We used to not insist on returns until we got burned. Not every customer plays nice.

Once again, a buyer decides to be their own LBS. and expects to the same standards as a bike shop would provide. No. You chose to eliminate the middle man and saved money, and now you want special treatment.
Typically a 48v controller is capable of 60v. A 52v battery tops out at 60V. A 52v battery is 58.8v at full charge.

Do you have a multimeter? What is the battery voltage read with a multimeter from the battery power out wires?
Everyone of these bikes ought to include one. But no one does that. Get one, and it can save brain cells and frustration.

BTW, You signed up and accepted you’d be the one to sort problems. Relax. There are other possibilities for the issues. Again, juiced is a great seller. Support and sorting issues with inexperienced buyers takes time.


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Just installed the replacement controller they sent - and it didn't work unfortunately. Still no power to the bike / no screen. Awaiting next steps from support.

With the battery on & holding the display power button down maybe try massaging the wire harness (the bundle of wires that connects the display to controller) in different spots to see if there's any reaction.


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Yeah, no difference between controllers, they all support 52v. The only variation is old ccs controllers have different firmware than new CCX controllers ( but both support 52v)

My guess is that it's not the controller at all based on what you're experiencing.

Bruce Arnold

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The difference between controllers is not the voltage, as Thomas pointed out.

However, the CCX controller has a 0 mode, and a race mode, and a tweak of the Eco mode, that the older controllers (like on my CCS) didn't have. Those are real changes and worth having. I don't know if they are using the same controller now for the CCS2.

That being said, I hope your problem gets squared away. I have to say that Juiced Bikes are trying to be helpful but it's a difficult situation. It's hard to diagnose some problems when they aren't physically in front of you.


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I had an intermittent power problem with my new CCX. It turned out the retaining nut on the bike side of the battery connector was a touch loose, meaning the connection was just far enough from the battery that it sometimes connected, sometimes didn't. I used a pair of long nose pliers to tighten this 24mm nut on the bike side (it turned almost half a turn) and tightened the same part on the battery side as well. Don't over-tighten it though: it's a metal nut threaded on plastic.


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Yes, niltohams, my experience exactly with my CCX right out of the box. I tightened the connector and used a bit of dielectric grease around it and all has been perfect since.

Just a general view as this is a good example: I had several little tweaks like this as I got my CCX going (battery connector issue as described, rear rack askew, fenders rubbing the tires, wheels needed a bit of truing) but most bike owners could handle all these. Since then, the CCX has been very enjoyable and trouble free.
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Hi guys - just to close the loop. Juiced sent me a new controller, display unit, battery receiver and battery, and thankfully these parts resolved whatever issue I had... I am back on the road with my CCX. It took longer than I had hoped, but I have to give Juiced props for stepping up and helping get this fixed!