Update on Domane HP ownership


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Well I have had my Domane 2021 HP for about a month now and wanted to provide some updates on ownership. I am 64 and pretty fit and a long time biker. I still mountain bike with an analog Santa Cruz mountain bike and love that part of biking. There are so many things that I enjoy about the Domane. I run the bike most of the time on Eco and my range is about 50 miles and that is plenty for me. I upgraded to the Aeolus Carbon Wheels and really like the smooth ride. I put the Iso Speed suspension on the firmest setting as the softer setting was giving me some noise in the seat post etc. I think the Bosch motor is plenty powerful and it does feel very natural to me. I was having some skating I think from my rear derailleur not really skipping a gear but after down shifting I sensed at times the bike was confused on what gear it was in. I realized the clutch was off so I put the clutch to the on position and basically the shifting is problem free. I assume most of you and this would include Specialized Creo riders keep the clutch on? I believe I have a little more clicking noise from the motor than I would expect, maybe it isn't the motor but not really that loud and I will have it checked when I am willing to give the bike up for it's first service. The bikes weight after the first ride or two feels natural to me now. Enjoy the ride and stability btw. So just want to say I love the bike and actually really used this forum to make my decision. I am posting this so more potential buyers who might have questions can throw them on here. Thanks everyone.


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It would be expected over the first month the shifting to need a slight tuning as the cable settles in. Your shop can tune it but one click counter-clockwise on the derailleur cable barrel adjuster might be all that is needed. As there is no front chainring cage given it is a 1x system, you will drop the chain if you turn the clutch off, and again without something to retain the chain, you drag a lot of chain on the ground.