Upgrade fat bike 48V 750W hub motor rear wheel ??


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Send a close photo of the bike upside down right at the middle where the pedals go through. This will help us help you.


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Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I did not know this kind of controllers......I am going to dig it even if it is not very cheap but why not.

Please, note that my bike is not stolen !!!What a crazy idea !!But, think what you want .I am not here to be insulted or what do I know.
I am disappointed with the disproportionate reaction of some of you.

Peace & Love brothers
Perhaps you would be better served with an "E-cycle" trying to convert an e-bike into a cheap license-free motorcycle doesn't always turn out well, I hope you wear a helmet at least, crashing at 58 kph will be less survivable than 45 kph( still a nasty wreck)It didn't take me long to realize that a 36 MPH crash on a fattie would involve either the Coroner or at least the "EMT's".
When I changed the "freewheel" on my "fattie" and gave Her a trial run on a slight downgrade, the "feathers started growing" pretty quick on my legs{this is Whitetail Deer country and a collision would probably kill Me while the Deer would walk away with a few bruised ribs} As old "AC" said "Do as thou wilt".