Upgraded to a 2015 E3 Dash


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As some of you know I had some issues with my 2014 so Curries awesome customer service worked with me to upgrade my 2014 dash to a shiny new 2015!!!

Haven't had much time on it to compare against the 2014, but here are some quick observations I made about the two.

  • 2015 definitely takes off faster on throttle mode. Not sure if they did some controller work, but it def pulls harder when you twist the throttle.
  • The new seat is worlds above the old one
  • The extra gear is nice :)
  • It's a stealthy ride, almost all black. I kinda liked the color scheme of the 2014 better, but this one looks pretty bad ass.
  • New LCD is much more solid. Also liking the new control pad.
  • The upgraded rear cassette is virutally silent. The 2014 'ratchet sound was very loud.'
  • Other than that, same battery, same riding position.. It 'feels' lighter, not sure if it is.
Now I just need some warm weather to ride it!
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I am aware of your motor and BBS problems on your 2014 Dash, which I too had and, as you know, I have since fixed, but has there been anything else that you have had issues with that we are not aware of, and would cause you to upgrade to a 2015? I am now very happy with my bike, and I just recently swapped-out the OEM grips for Ergon Rohloff/Nexus grips and attached a Third Eye Mirror on the left side that fits into the handlebar. They both look and work very well (I had to shave about an inch off the right grip though to make everything look and feel right with the throttle still intact). The Mirrycle Mirror, that riders often go with, sticks up and out way too far for my liking. My Control Pad use to have a tendency to move, but I put a rubber shim in that, and it doesn’t move anymore at all now.

By the way, for all of you wondering if Slime tire sealant is the way to go, even if you still keep your tires well inflated to help avoid punctures! Well, I decided to put the recommended 4 ounces in each tube. I hadn’t had a puncture for over 400 miles up until then, and even some time after that. But just recently I notice my tire pressure down in my front wheel, spun the wheel around, and notice a thorn had broken off in my tire. I yanked it out and the air started gushing out. But, lo and behold, right before my eyes I saw that stuff seal up that puncture. It has been fine for a couple of weeks now (knock-on-wood). I am very glad that I decided to do that. It is tricky putting that stuff in a tube with a Presta valve, but there are YouTube videos online that show you how to do that. I did it, and everything went just like those videos demonstrate.

I also made that Allen wrench tool that everyone was talking about to adjust the rear brake pad next to the motor hub. I had a thick and strong shim from my machining days that I glued a piece of an Allen wrench onto with the recommended JB Weld. It works like a charm. I used someone's very large bolt cutters to snip off a piece of that 5mm Allen wrench, then shaped it to my liking with my bench grinder. A hand grinder with a metal grinding cut-off wheel will also do the trick as well of cutting off a piece from an Allen wrench.
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I think someone has that new shoes feeling, like when you're a kid. Probably a new battery helped. Surprised you did not mention the up/down PAS levels control VS cycling the darn thing one way - the most annoying thing about the 2014 model. I also shimmed mine with rubber. Enjoy when you can! -S