Upgrades for 2016


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I received an email from Optibike yesterday. Here are a few of their upgrades for 2016:

New! Bigger Batteries for 2016
Batteries for 2016 are now 12% larger in the Allroad and R Series. That means 12% longer range.
M7, Helia, R8, R8HD are now 37 volt 29 amp hrs (up from 26 amp hrs)
R11 is now 48 volt 20 amp hrs (up from 18 amp hrs)
Allroad is now 37 volt 11.6 amp hrs (up from 10.4 amp hrs)
37v x 29ahrs = 1073 Whr
48v x 20ahrs = 960 Whr

Am I the only one impressed with batteries this size? I know Juiced Cycles has a 48V, 22ahr battery, and the value touted Cross Current is suppose to be 48V, 24Ahr.

For distance commuting, and higher power for higher speeds, these specs are noteworthy.

Robert Clark

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amazing how the battery technology keeps increasing in energy density. Very expensive to upgrade an Optibike as you have to send the whole bike back to the factory.


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Not true about needing to send bike back to the factory to do a battery upgrade. I just purchased a 2016 R11 battery and did a self install. It's not that hard. The worst part had to do with removing (to reuse) the original battery case. It's not a difficult job except the connectors are installed with hot melt glue, complicating their removal from the case. You can also buy a battery already in the case, but I was trying to save the extra $200 or so they charge for the case.