Upgrading from Performance Line CX to HS


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Given the high speed Charger 4 won't come out until at least March 2023, would it be possible to retrofit the current Charger 4 with Bosch Performance Line CX to the HS version?
My background is having a Roadster Mixte 2021 model Vario HS (I'm ocated in the midwest US), which unfortunately got stolen, and I'd rather not wait until March (and likely longer) to get my replacement.


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You could have the motor modified with a HS dongle if they exist for the Bosch Motor on your bike.
At a minimum you'll void the warranty on the motor if not the entire e-bike, and I do not know what the regulatory environment is in the US re souped up e-bikes on public roads (It's a big NoNo in most of Europe)
You may also need to upgrade some components (brakes, tyres,...) to deal with the increased speed and the stress it causes.