Upgrading Liberty Trike


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I have a Liberty Trike with about 700 miles on it. The trike is great for lots of reasons, but I am not its (current) target demographic, which is senior citizens who want a "mobility scooter." I am an active cyclist who prefers the trike when carrying art supplies and other cargo.

Here's my issue: the trike has a 750 watt motor, 36v10ah LiPo batteries and a 12FET 36 Volt 20 Amp Controller. How can I get it to go faster? Its top speed is 11.5 MPH under power, and because there is only one gear, pedaling doesn't really increase the speed much.

Any ideas? I am willing to get my hands dirty, but would rather not spend $2000-$3000 on upgrading a $1500 trike.
Thanks in advance.