Upgrading my Surface604 Shred


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Did you end up getting the motor and upgrading? If so how did it go for you. I also have a shred and am thinking of bumping things up.

Jeremy McCreary

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Carlsbad, CA
My 2023 V Rook has many things in common with your Shred, including a motor rated at 500W and 65 N m. I improved its hill-climbing simply by replacing the stock 42t chainring with a 38t for $12 and 10 minutes of work. Very happy with the result on the short steep hills (up to 10% grade) where I live.

Now, I'm not a particularly strong rider, but I like to pedal at low assist and prefer to hit bottom gear before upping the assist. If that sounds anything you, this simple tweak could be all you need.

That said, I see that the Shred comes with a 38t chainring already. Not sure how much lower you can go there. Also, your smallest cog is 12t, whereas mine is 11t. My lowered top gear still meets my needs, but yours would be even lower.