Upgrading Radrover 250w 2019 EU


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Hi! A couple of weeks ago I received my bike and so far loved it! My bike is actually the EU restricted version to 250W, and throttle goes up to 6kmh while pas is to 25kmh. 250w model's screen has restrictions and the top speed can't be adjusted. The bike has the same components as 750w version, except the screen and the controller (confirmed from customer support).

I have been doing some research and can't seem to find an answer to few questions: What controls/limits the throttle to 6kmh, is it the screen or the controller? Wires seem to go to the controller, but the KT-LCD3 screens found online can be programmed and (seemingly) controls the controller.

There are also some good instructions how to flash a KT-LCD3 https://github.com/OpenSource-EBike-firmware/TSDZ2_wiki/wiki/How-to-flash-the-Flexible-OpenSource-firmware-on-KT-LCD3 . Does anybody know, if the stock radrover screen can be flashed the same way?

Also, my bike has a tail light. If I change the screen to just any other KT-LCD3, will I lose the tail light or what actually controls the tail light? I also found a 25A controller, but the only review doesn't tell if upgrading the screen or the controller loses the tail light -> https://electrobikeworld.com/products/25a-controller-for-rad-mini-3bc4fc4b-f7b2-4b19-b58d-b8628ca8bfa1

I know an ideal upgrade would be this set https://boltonebikes.com/collections/motor-controllers-and-displays/products/2019-radpower-upgrade-kit-with-tail-light , but so far I'm satisfied with actually pedalling and would like to know if only replacing a screen/a controller will work. If I decide to buy the upgrade package, is it possible to restrict the amps (power) through the new screen?

Any links / advices are much appreciated :) Greetings from Finland!


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Pretty familiar with Bolton's kit as I've been running similar components on my bike for the last couple of years. You're right in that the LCD3 display holds the parameter settings on the KT based systems. I've proven that point to myself.

Yes, you are able to limit max amperage to the motor.

As far as where the OEM setup stores it's setup, I would guess the display there as well, but it's just an educated guess.

Regarding the tail light circuit, it's in both the display and the controller.

To my knowledge, RAD has locked down the software that comes on the bikes. You are not able to flash it or modify it in any way, or if it is possible, nobody's talking about how they did it.


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I have the rad runner 250w EU version - purchased an eggrider display for it, which does allow the throttle to operate at higher speeds than 6kph, there's an app for it which allows you to tweak quite a lot of the settings. Not sure if it would be the same for the rover....