Ursus 80 dual leg stand on multicharger


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I'm having a bit of an argument with the company that supplied me with a 2022 Multicharger with Gates belt and Rohloff hub.
I want to upgrade the kickstand to a dual leg ursus 80 as provided by R&M as part of an option package I do not need.
The current kickstand doesn't quite work when I load the bike with panniers and rack bags the bike has the annoying habit of keeling over.
The supplier told me that the trolley wheel - which is attached to the current kick stand - prevents the use of a dual leg stand.
I can't see the point of the trolley wheel if not to give clearance for a dula leg stand.

Does any one have any experience with this? If it weren't for belt tension measuring tools being difficult to source atm I'd do it myself, but I'm in a bit of hurry.


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They're mistaken. R&M sells an aftermarket version of the dual kickstand that comes with the tensioner wheel and it attaches to the kickstand mounting plate of the frame, not the kickstand itself.

The aftermarket kickstand is VBK0364.