USA 2G networks shutting down - 2G Theft Recovery will no longer work


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Maybe you bought a new TV on the past years. If you chosen the 3D-technology, you find yourself in a dead end: Only few content. If you chosen the 4K-technology, you find yourself in a waiting position: Only your actioncam provides 4K - and these movies looking horrible on the big screen. Both very unpleasant situations. But do you see LG or Samsung providing you a refund or something else to make your situation better?
I bought a Canon printer that just shuts off for good one day, maybe after a year. Canon does nothing, won't disclose the real nature of the problem, but offers you a discount to buy again that saves less money off list price than just going to your local store.

I myself do nothing, but I know then that Canon sucks. I couldn't properly with good conscience advise a friend to buy without telling them why Canon sucks.
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We epitomize Swissness, enthusiasm and partnership.

We aren’t satisfied with less than 120 percent, and we give it with passion. For our products, for our customers, for our environment. We consider ourselves partners – within our team as well as for the riders of our bikes. Our most important motivation: our love for our products."

Yeah, not so much, eh? Would partners let partners remain in the dark when buying?


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I bet we Stromer owners would have jumped on option to upgrade to Omni C for mid 300 bucks when we purchased a few years ago. Frankly doesn't seem that much in relation to the cost of the bike. I found out about this issue a few weeks ago from my local shop and immediately purchased the Omni C. Remember our $1000 dollar latest greatest smartphones seem to go obselete in a year or two, and we just pony up for a new one.
As I understand it, Stromer uses the T-Mobile network in the USA.

The situation seems somewhat analogous to that of someone who has a 2G phone that will become useless except for wi-fi, and the service provider has offered a discounted upgrade option. Except that here Stromer has no control over the network itself. Having developed the monochrome OMNI circa 2013, it isn't surprising that it relies on 2G. Having upgraded to the OMNI-C, I can say that it is well worth the cost, although I was skeptical before I did it.

We should remember that no other bike brand has this technology at all.

I just received a most unpleasant email from Stromer. Stromer is shutting down 2G connectivity in the USA in one month.

This means if my ST-2 is stolen, I can no longer locate it.

Can I no longer view stats on the app? Engine temp? How about tuning assist level 2?

I spent $7000 on an ST-2 in 2016. My girlfriend bought an ST-2 in 2018.

Theft recovery was a key selling point. App features were key selling points.

Now Stromer is telling us to pay $350 per bike to keep these features.

To say I am displeased would be an understatement.


Thread title updated to reflect folks' input. 2g is shutting down in the USA. Verizon is shutting down their 2g on Dec 31st 2019. T-Mobile is shutting theirs down late 2020 from what I read online. I don't know which provider Stromer uses, but it sounds like the monochrome Omni (that is, not the Omni-C) will no longer connect to your app or to Stromer or to anything when the 2g network it uses shuts down.

According to the email, Stromer is discounting the Omni C from $679 to $350 between Jan 12th and June 30th. If I'm reading the pdf attached to the email correctly, the cost includes dealer installation. The bottom of the pdf in small print reads, "incl. installation cost by dealer. myStromer USA reserves the right to change technical data and prices. *The offer is valid from 1.12.2019 - 30.6.2020"
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2G service in parts of San Francisco has been awful for quite some time. New Wheel was kind enough to upgrade my ST2 to the OMNI C for $350 this past spring since 2G no longer connected at my high theft workplace. OMNI C has worked great since then other than the bad software upgrade. In addition to going to 3G, the OMNI C offers the bluetooth connection which has been a really nice upgrade. My bike now automatically unlocks when my phone is close and it's much nicer than the touch panel. It's not Stromer's fault that carriers are discontinuing the 2G service.


I no longer have a nearby Stromer dealer, so San Diego said to contact any US Stromer dealer to work with me remotely to upgrade to the Omni C. New Wheel in SF is now having San Diego drop ship two Omni C’s directly to me (my wife and I have ST2’s purchased in 2015) with simple DYI installation instructions. I already have the locking nut removal tool, so this should be a breeze. Once I replace the unit, New Wheel will be able to reconnect me to the network even though I live on the East coast. Do I like paying for the upgrade? No, but I remain a Stromer fan and believe in supporting them so they can continue supporting our bikes. I know their expertise resides in engineering, they are not a software company. So while they can push certain software changes free of charge, they haven’t developed a device that will upgrade itself to 4G when 3G disappears someday, rendering my new Omni C’s obsolete. It’s like owning a mobile phone with a useful life that is limited by the battery. Speaking of batteries, I haven’t had to replace mine yet. They are still going full torque—my commute to work is 15 miles each way.


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I own a ST2-S that is eligible for the OMNI INTERFACE C upgrade. My concern is that the OMNI INTERFACE C is on the 3G mobile network (vs. 2G) . . . the issue being that 3G is also being phased out in the USA by 2021. What is the upgrade path once this occurs? Although the discounted upgrade option is appealing, why would someone invest in an (soon-to-be) obsolete solution.

Here are some links discussing the 3G phase out:

Despite this flaw, I'm still enamored with my ST2-S! It is a well-built e-bike that still puts a smile on my face each time I ride it.

Ravi: I hope all is going well! Perhaps the OMNI INTERFACE C install would be a good time to get my brakes fixed as well (ha! ha!)


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This gives us 2 years so 175 a year for updates and LoJack services...not a great deal after spending what I have so far to get my bike working under warranty...but if my “partner” has other choices I am listening...


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Does anyone here know if the auto lock when walk away and unlock when you return feature work on st2 when you upgrade to OMNI c?
That alone would take much of the sting away of cost of Omni c for me.
And any other interesting features with upgrade?
i don’t use that electronic lock often now, cause I never remember to unlock it and got stranded once because of it.


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I upgraded my ST2 with the OMNI C and it has the bluetooth option. If you pair it with your phone, it will automatically unlock when you get close to the bike. The display is much nicer to look at than the old OMNI, but other than bluetooth and 3G, it doesn't seem to offer any other upgrades.


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Thanks for that info. So, to be clear- when paired to your phone it auto locks when you walk away(with phone) and Auto Unlock’s when you get back to bike. And, hopefully, instantly texts your phone when bike is being moved(alarm activated). That alone makes it worth the $350(to me).The gps locator after the theft continuing to work is a bonus. I won’t bother with foldy lock in most situations after I get new Omni. I think it brings your speed and assist mode and battery info(default screen)up to your phone screen when riding too.
I vote it as a good deal. Go figure.


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Just got my OMNI-C 3G upgrade yesterday on my ST1X, with no charge installation and activation at my dealer. It had to be ordered and took about a week to come in. Installation and activation was while you wait and took about 20 minutes. It is working great.

If you plan on keeping your bike the deal is worth it. If you do not take advantage of this offer, it will be nearly twice the price plus installation and activation which is another $100 or so.