USB 2.0 Powered Bike Lights?

The duke

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I've tried battery powered bike lights and USB 'rechargeable' bike lights. Neither has given me the brightness I'd like to stand out on a sunny SoCal day.

My BH Atom X has one USB 2.0 port built into the controller.

Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced (sub $50) bike lighting system that is powered by USB 2.0? I'd ideally like to be able to plug right in without any splicing. If I could get a front and rear light combo that share the same power cord, that would be wonderful....and I'm hoping for really bright. Hope someone can suggest something.


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Do such lights even exist? I very much doubt that even if you could find one, it would be any brighter than a USB rechargeable light. Do you have the spec for the port on your controller? Probably only 1.5 amps.

And to get one bright enough for under $50? Good luck!

Besides the very bright headlight on my e-bike (Busch & Muller IQ-X E) I also have a Cygolite Metro Pro which is 1100 lumens. It is really bright (even for daylight) and the flashing mode is very noticeable. But it's a lot more than $50.


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I also connected a Busch&Muller IQ -X E -150Lumens, it’s only 150$ and is really close to a Supernova (380lumens @400$).
Just disc. T front light, use the cables to fish the Busch cables down the tube then either solder them or other way.
For rear i just use a Lupine Rotlicht 160lumens.