Used Jetson


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I am planning on picking up a Jetson Scooter tomorrow from someone off Craigslist. They claim it is Gently used in good condition, that it charges fine, and has good range.

$600 is the price I talked him down to.

At that price, even if I have to rebuild a battery from scratch, I think I am in good shape.

Any suggestions on what to look for when I test drive it?



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2 weeks in. Scooter is fun, but a warning to anybody considering a Jetson scooter.

My battery is essentially worthless about 5-6 miles into a ride. In my testing, the BMS on the lithium power pack is set at 2.75 volts per module for low voltage cutoff. I have verified this with Andrew in customer service. With a low voltage cutoff set so low, the batteries are doomed to die prematurely.

Jetson charges $800 for a new lithium battery! Mine came with 91 X 22650 2500mah li-ion cells. These cells are impossible to find any more, so repair options are limited when your BMS begins to kill the battery.

Unless they can provide a better BMS and some newer (more efficient) 18650 cells, I would NOT recommend buying a Jetson unless you are getting a price good enough that you don't mind spending $300 to $400 to rebuild your own battery.

To be fair, I bought a used bike, and I really have no idea how old it is. Perhaps they are using better cells now, but Andrew still claims that their lvc is set at 2.75 volts on current models.