Used Voltbike Elegant...dead? Question regarding probable cause.

First time poster here, I just got my first ever e-bike, a used 2019 Voltbike Elegant, around two weeks ago.

The battery seemed to be in good condition, the price was right and it ran well, so I took the plunge. Problems started emerging when I began riding it regularly. The display would not turn back on after it went into "sleep mode" after the bike wasn't used for a while. It would also not turn back on once it was turned off with the power button. Not a huge deal, I would just detach the battery and reattach it.

Four days ago, when I inserted my fully charged battery, the display would show that it was one or two bars, then after a couple of minutes it would start flashing empty.

The bike would continue to work as normal, until a couple of days ago, when I was riding home from work in the rain (there was some freak rain that day and the bike was outside with the battery removed), and as I was riding home, the bike was operating normally, with the battery symbol flashing etc., but once I was about a block from home, the bike shut off. I thought it was merely either the display maybe forcing the controller to shut down, or that the battery was dead. A check of the battery revealed there were still 3/4 bars remaining. A couple of days later, I tried to reinsert a fully charged battery and was met with...nothing. The display would simply not turn on, and nothing would work (earlier, when the display was off, the pedelec or the throttle would still engage). I recalled that someone had a similar problem here on the Voltbike forum (display showing a dead battery), and the fix was a new display. Others had a dead voltbike, and the solution was a new cable to the display. I'll be checking the cables with a multimeter to make sure there is continuity through the power and display cables, in order to rule them out.

I guess my question to you all in the forum is whether you think this is a water ingress problem into the controller (when I took the controller out, I noticed some corrosion on the bottom screws and panel, see attached photo below), and how your experience has been corresponding with Voltbike for a replacement, and how much a replacement is out of warranty. I'm open to sourcing a replacement controller separately as well, and was also wondering if you might have any recommendations as to where to get a replacement for the Elegant's Lishui lsw784-45-3m controller.




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Sorry, you have problem on top of problem, on top of problem, so who knows which problem is influencing which. Sure it sounds like you may have an ingress issue, but who knows the way the bike was working. Who knows where the ingress issue really is. Rather than speculate, contact Voltbike, they have a good reputation. Come back and tell us what they say. Sounds like you'd have to bring the bike to them though with all the various issues for them to do some proper diagnostics on the bike.


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Welcome to the forum hope you enjoy your stay.

Perhaps ask the person you got it from if they had any problems since new.

You should definitely contact George at Volt Bike and see if he can give you any hints or help in any way to pin point the problem.

Just tossing my nickel in (since we have no penny's anymore).
All depends how adventures you feel and how well you are able to to use your soldering iron in confined spaces when there is a need for it.
First i was thinking one of the connections is not tight enough or water got into the display, however looking at the picture i would take those 4 screws off and have a look inside the controller for any water damage, if the board has no water damage then any offending parts can be replaced.
Just make sure to disconnect the power before you open the controller. Always take pictures before you make any changes.
The way i see it if this was my bike, there is no more warranty i got nothing to loose since nothing is working anyway.

I had a little problem with my controller couple months back, long story short had to get a new one with a new display....