Useful and affordable little torque wrench


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When I was working in a bike shop I saw a great many 8mm bolts that had been snapped off by the bike owners using too large a wrench and as a result apply too much torque. The Campy T-socket wrenches prevented this from happening. If using a socket with a standard 3/8" ratchet wrench it is easy to apply more than 30 lb ft of torque and snap fasteners. I have a "stubby" ratchet wrench that is great for minimizing the torque applied and works well in tight spaces.

A number of companies make sets of metric stubby wrenches although many omit the 8mm size needed for bicycles. An exception is Tekton with its stubby ratcheting box and open end wrench set that covers the range of 8mm to 19mm. For bicycles and other needs the Luoyimao metric L angled hex socket wrenches are great tools and available in 6mm to 19mm sizes. Made in China but the quality is "German quality" so on par with Taiwanese tools like Williams and better than what one gets overall from Japanese manufacturers.