Using A Power Tool Battery As A Range Extender


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If they're asking $250 for a 15 cell battery, they got plenty of margin for protection circuitry. You have to watch every cell to make sure it doesn't go past the minimum., or it's at risk of being damaged.

All I see is 2 or 4 pins going to the tool on these batteries. There's an internal BMS in there. Otherwise you need an extra 16 wires to monitor the cell voltages.


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Thanks for posting. I use Ridgid power tools and now I might have a little project for my eScooter.
Hell me too! So when I blow up my ridgid 18v batteries I can have them replaced according to their 3 year warranty! T-20 torx anti-tampering bits here I come. HAHA.


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Since I made this thread a few months ago, I've gotten quite a bit of use from my cordless tool battery range extender.


Recently, I discovered this product which increases the usefulness of the idea:


It allows me to use the tool battery as a portable power source for charging my smartphone or powering other USB devices. It also has a jack which can be used to power 12V equipment if necessary.

The portable light really came in handy when I threw a chain on my last night ride.

It fits nicely in the canvas bag I use to carry the battery and bike adapter:


For anyone with a supply of these cordless tool batteries, it's a handy item to have when camping or around the house during a power outage.