Using Two Range Extenders on One Ride - best practice? Specialized Creo SL


Hello all, I am planning a ride of 80 miles and 3,000 feet of climbing and plan to use a good amount of Sport mode due to the "need for speed." I have two range extenders to bring with me and one will of course be connected when I start. The other occupies the downtube water bottle cage until needed. Is there a best practice to manage the change out of extender batteries when that becomes necessary? Option 1 is set MC to use RE first, and when the RE in the red, change it out, then proceed to use second RE until depleted, then I have the main battery fully available for the rest of the ride. Option 2 is use default, draining both main and RE until both are in the red, then install the fresh RE (of course, turning the Creo off when I do this). Any suggestions much appreciated!


If there is a better practice, it will depend on your ride and elevation profile. You are looking at 20 miles/750 feet climb per range extender and 40 miles/1500 ft average for the main battery. If most of the climb is early in the ride and/or I have hope that I could complete the whole ride with just one range extender, I would set the batteries to be used simultaneously. If you chose to deplete the range extenders first - you will have two instances where the available assist will be reduced when the range extenders near depletion. Or the third option is to change out the range extender and change Mission control to use both batteries simultaneously.

Again look at the ride profile to guesstimate where battery depletions may occur. If it is flat or on uphill sections where you feel confident you can climb worse case unassisted depleting the range extender first could be the way to go. On my Vado SL, the range extender reduces max assist by about half at <15% and to less than 1/3 at < 10%. This is unpleasant if it occurs during a steep climb but barely noticeable on the flats.


@Nubnub, thanks for the great advice! I expected that I would need to change the RE before the first short climb just after 20 miles, but it seemed that I could go further on it, so I did. That was an illusion. I had elected to set Mission Control to deplete the range extenders first. However, MC did not ever start so at mile 43 I realized what happened (depleting equally on both batteries) and swapped out the depleted RE for the fresh one. Total mileage was 69 miles, 1880 feet of climbing, 20.8 mi/hr avg while fighting some winds. So at that speed/distance, two range extenders are needed. However I would venture that if one rode at 16 - 17 mph, or could draft off some buddies, the whole ride could be done with main battery and the one range extender. I'll need to repeat this ride down the road and make sure MC starts! Thanks again for the analysis - very helpful!


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On my longest Creo (Aluminum) ride, I managed just under 53 miles and about 2,800 feet of gain with some steeper and extended hills in the mix. I did turn off the power (press/hold) the Selector Button when it seemed reasonable with downhills. That was with a Range Extender (RE) battery in parallel discharge. I think I had about 4-5% power left on the mixed battery arrangement. I've since purchased a second RE to potentially extended that distance but have not tried the "trio" on any rides. I'm definitely overweight which requires more power to move ME around and I'm also older so seem to need more assistance.

I hope you report your results.