Vado 3.0 vs Como 3.0 ?


I’ve been reading through the various Specialized threads trying to compare the two bikes. Curious to know if these two bikes have the identical running gear, motor, battery, cassette, derailleur, chain, brakes, etc? I know that frame geometry is different, as are accessories, like the rack lights and such. But are performance and reliability the same?

I ask because when I learned a month ago that the earliest delevery for a new Como 3.0 was December/January, I went ahead and bought the Vado 3,0. I read many Vado owners are having issues with the assist cutting out but I’m not seeing similar complaints from Como owners. BTW, my wife bought the Lava orange Como 2.0 and absolutely loves it!



Same drive train, including chainring, derailleur, cassette, motor, and brakes.

The battery is the same form factor, but the Como has a larger capacity at 504 vs. 460Wh.

In terms of reliability, the two should be similar, as the troublesome electronics and drivetrain components are the same.


The geometry, wheel size, and handling of the two bikes should be key determining factors.

They sit and ride quite differently. If you're on the fence, it's best to demo each before deciding.
Hi Lewes, I have the Como 3.0 and love it! You will have to ride both to see which one works for you. The Vado seems to be set up better for commuting, the components are mostly the same so it should come down to what you are using it for and ride quality, since they are very different. The Como 3.0 also has a little bigger battery than the Vado 3.0 don't know why(as coffee pointed out above). I went with the Como 3.0 because for some odd reason between my old road bike and mountain bike I managed to cause internal damage to parts of my body, and was told years ago to stop biking altogether (the old seat technologies weren't the same as today). Long story short I need a bike that keeps me in a more upright position and the Como does that. Also the Mission Control App (I call it the Mission Impossible App) isn't working with the Vado and Como bikes. The company who makes the Display (Bloks) went bankrupt. But the last update I got was that Specialized isn't going to forget the Vado and Como and hope to have something resolved by spring next year. Just thought you should know, because I think they still show it on their website (not sure if it is still there).
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Stefan Mikes

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Refreshing the old topic.
Does anybody of you own a 2019 or perhaps the 2020 model of Como 3.0 or Vado 3.0? Have the 2018 issues been resolved? New TCD display available? Connectivity working?
I am trying and help a female friend choose the best model for her but no chance for a demo ride in Warsaw Poland. I can only guess (as I own a Vado) that Vado requires the forward riding position while I expect Como to be ridden upright.

Any advice, experience tips?