Vado 5.0: Winter battery cover


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I'd say: no, save that money.
-2°C is nothing to worry about. If in doubt you could simply take your battery indoors.


From what I can see the advice from Specialized is that the temperature range for storage of the battery is -20C to +35C so keeping it in the garage should be fine provided it’s dry. However, if you plan to charge the battery the recommended ambient temperature range is 0C to +50C so if it’s going to drop below zero then sensible to charge indoors. This is based on the 504Wh battery that is in my Turbo Vado 4. Best to check the manual or better still look at the labels on the back of the battery.


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We, too store our Vado 5s in a garage for the winter. Even though our winter temps are well within the specs for the battery we store them in the house when temps dip below 40°F. The battery charge level is ~50% for winter storage.

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I am going into my first winter with my ebike and was not sure what extra precautions I need to take for the battery.

In the UK, the lowest temperature at night is around 0 degree celsius with -2/-3 for a couple of weeks. The bike is in the garage and it is not practicable to bring it indoors.

Is it worthwhile buying something like the attached link:

Thank you.
I use that mat. And let me surprise you: I don't use it to protect the Vado battery in the winter. I use it to protect my Giant Trance E+ battery instead of the skid plate I'm unable to buy.
Does the mat make sense on winter rides? It might. Not everybody knows e-bike battery generates substantial amount of heat on the ride. Provided the battery was kept in warmth at home prior to the ride, the neoprene mat might help insulate the battery from getting really cold outside as long as the battery is in use.


The best use of Fahrer-Berlin Neoprene Mat: To protect the battery. In Giant e-MTB, it is bottom-inserted and should be equipped with a skid plate (that is hard to buy). There is no doubt the mat helps the battery keep the proper temperature at winter rides but is irrelevant for the storage.
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Thank you everyone. Really appreciate the insight.

Test battery cover
Tested my 19.2V battery this week around -5C without chilling wind factor. After 23 km in Snow Fatbike trails in Quebec, it was at 32%. Next days(3), same place, same conditions I put over a 6mm neoprene cover home made with velcros. After 68 km it was at 41%. this morning 35 km and it indicates 77%. so the efficiency is really there during cold days.