Vado broken rear spokes


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A '29er' MTB wheel is the same size. The tubes are the same also, 622. I use MTB tubes on Vados. Mountain bike wheels tend to be strong. I agree, once spokes start breaking additional taxing stresses are placed on the rest of the wheel. Then it is time for a rebuild or to install a new wheel. It could be cool after the warrantee to do an IGH build on a Vado. With slightly larger gauged spokes laced in with thread lock.


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Well I have great news.
The owner of the LBS made my case with Specialized and they agreed to cover the cost of a new wheel!
I had to pay $50 for shipping and handling but it was worth it for a brand new wheel.
The wheel came with a new cassette and the LBS adjusted the derailleur so it is shifting really crisply.
I hope this wheel lasts 20,000km.

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That's awesome! Congrats on not giving up and getting it fixed! I was pretty certain that Specialized would come through for you if they were told about the problem. Enjoy the Canadian spring cycling weather! It's gotta feel good after a long winter!


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My Vado 4.0 had 3 broken spokes so far in the four years I own the bike. Mostly due to bumps in the road in combination with fast riding.
I replaced the spokes myself which is an easy job, even when the sprocket had to be removed.