Vado SL 4.0 Motor cuts out in Turbo


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Good to hear that it's not normal and the dealer has an idea. I thought something is wrong with my feeling. I tried yesterday on my way home on all uphills what I normally never do: Level 3 AND pedaling, then suddenly stopping, pedaling, pedaling again, stopping, pedaling and so on. I found out what I already knew: The support/the "harmony" of the SL motor support ist absolutely perfect and by far the best I know of all middle motors. Motor support "fades in" and fades out smoothly and unnoticeable, even in level 3. You only hear the difference (especially in level 3) due to the releatively loud motor.
This may be different on a US Creo with 45km/h or at higher speeds (but I don't think so), but the SL support characteristics are perfect on the 25km/h Creo.


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Just to share my similar experience. I found a Vado 4.0 SL EQ at a shop about an hour away. That particular model/color was so hard to find, I slapped down my $500 deposit and drove out to get it the next day. At the shop, I took it for a test drive and noticed a couple wonky things:
1. The motor would just jump levels without any input from me. Went from 0 to 2 suddenly.
2. On attempting to change levels, the motor wouldn't respond.
Back at the shop, explained what I was seeing. They took it for a test themselves and started doing some diagnostics. An hour later and no answers. They said they would have to reach out to Specialized and it would maybe take a week. Ugh. Could you have possibly tested it before I drove an hour out there??

Anyways, only a few days later they advised that all was well. They said they talked to Specialized, and they sent a replacement for a couple of the parts. They had to swap out the head control unit (where you turn it on/off) and the wires that connect it to the motor. I drove back out, took it out for another spin, and all working as designed. (I do notice when you turn the motor on, it takes a couple seconds for the display to show up and stay lit after the initial battery indicator flashes on and off...I'm not sure if this is just normal behavior).

The shop advised that Specialized said this was pretty rare, but who knows. I'm also skeptical whether Specialized was in fact involved...I think they may have just swapped out the head unit with another Vado they had, as when I setup the bike in Mission Control, it displays as a different color bike (again, not sure if this is normal).

In any event, I desperately wanted the bike, and ETAs at other local shops were at least 6 months out, so I decided to roll the dice for what it was and take this one that they fixed the head unit on. So far so good.

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I think everything is just fine now @devgolfs. Enjoy!

P.S. The proper behaviour of the TCU control unit is that the LEDs produce like a ray upwards the button when the thing is started. In any cause, Specialized will honour your warranty, rest assured!